How I help you


Welcome to DC! I  help you plan your wedding and take all the stress out of it. DC law requires a three-day wait BETWEEN the day of filing a license and the day it is permitted to be used. This means, that if a license is filed on Monday, it is “released” on Friday.
By doing a proxy application for you, I save you the week’s wait in DC. Result? You come to DC at your leisure, and I have your license ready for you.
With your license ready, I will help you plan your ceremony for a day, and place, that works for you. I am available 7 days a week, whenever you need.
Have special requests? Photography, flowers, a special site for your wedding?  I can help you choose a place – church, interior, or outside garden – for your celebration.
When all is completed, you leave with a copy of your license, and I hand-deliver your license back to court for proper legal documentation. You need never wonder what happened to your license when I handle your legal work.

Services offered

  • perform a license proxy: $275 and $45 in DC fees
  • witness a public marriage (anywhere in DC): $350
  • witness a private signing ceremony, couple only, in  hotel room: $275
  • After you are married, I can expedite quickly certified or other court issued license copies: $100 plus appropriate fees
Thank you, 
Ed Ingebretsen