Love Story: The Greatest Thing We Have Ever Done...

The greatest thing we have ever done in our life was to get married. We met quite by accident through friends at a renaissance fair. From the time we met our lives together have truly been a fairytale. We never thought that we would be able to get married. We are so glad that we chose Washington, DC and that we found Ed. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and we will always treasure it. So many people when asked say that marriage didn't really change their relationship. For us, it absolutely did. It has given us a feeling of security and strength that we did not possess before. It has strengthened our relationship to even greater depths and given us a deeper commitment financially, spiritually, and emotionally. To know we shared with our family, our friends, and our community that we are eternally committed to one another and a force of one, has changed the way we relate to others and that others relate to us. It is the greatest gift you can give to one another and our lives are forever changed for the better because of it. My husband, John, is an ex military veteran and a police officer here in Atlanta. I have always been proud of him and call him my hero. Thanks to Washington, DC and people like Ed, John is now my husband and for that I am eternally grateful. If you are thinking of getting married, I encourage you to do so. The experience has been the most uplifting and positive thing we have encountered. I pray that the rest of the nation wakes up and abolishes the hateful laws that work to separate us from the people we love but, even if it does not, the statement you and your loved one make by getting married will stand as a shining light for others. God bless you, whoever you are, on your journey and may your lives together be blessed with Life, Laughter and Love.
Andre Brunette-Kearney/John Brunette-Kearney
married 4/16/2012