The Cost of Love

The Cost of Love

Many of us these days are financially challenged, which can add extra pressure to an impending plan for a couple’s wedding. How unfortunate it is to conflate the priceless situation of uniting two souls in holy matrimony with tight money matters. I say to young couples, cast off the shackles of financial worries when your focus should be on investing in love. Wealthy newlyweds have failed marriages just as do those without trust funds. Focus on your investment of love.

When thinking of weddings on a budget, place your emphasis on (1) where you would like the wedding, (2) how you can bring together a celebration of love, and (3) what kind of honeymoon you can arrange without going into debt. Your memories of your wedding will be based in part upon the setting you chose. Your backyard or a nearby park pavilion can make a perfect environment for establishing your commitment to each other. State park pavilions can usually be rented for the day at around $100. Have your friends bring rolls of crape paper and balloons and you can make any setting truly festive. You don’t need expensive flowers that will wilt the next day. Draft up a list of friends and relatives and discuss a pot-luck menu that will more than suffice for the occasion.

Honeymoon destinations are memorable. Save your wedding funds to pay for a cabin in the woods or hotel by a nearby beach. The honeymoon is an occasion to focus full attention on the celebration of two people who have committed to live as one couple. You can have a terrific time with lots of laughs and memories by dwelling on each other, without expensive hotels and room service. Remember, the most valuable part of any wedding is love and commitment. You can’t put a price on that!



I totally agree. The wedding

I totally agree. The wedding and ceremony should be about love and family. A person does not have to spend 10k and 20k to have a memorable wedding. Every couple can have the wedding of their dreams without having to break the bank.