Communicate: You are a team.

It is difficult. It just is. Words don’t always come out right. In the midst of the
excitement and drama of a wedding it can be a challenging time for any of us to communicate
effectively. Combined with any bridezilla proclivities, egged on by competitive egos, and
emotions swirling high around you like leaves in a whirlwind and you have all the ingredients for
a perfect storm. Not what you want, of course.
The key is to listen. If you disagree, hold back. Take a breath and slowly count to ten.
You have a long and wonderful marriage ahead to look forward to. So before earning any
regrets, smile and carefully keep your feelings from erratically steering your emotional vehicle.
Acknowledgement does not always mean agreement. It means that you a listening. Listening
with love and formulating your thoughts. Smile and listen. Such actions will becalm most
marital maelstroms, especially if founded on a platform of love.
There will be times, hopefully not at your wedding ceremony, where a small tempest
arises with you and your partner. This is natural and as such, you must accept some turbulence
in your life. It is how you handle these moments that is meaningful. Say you love your partner.
Hold their hand. Fondle the wedding finger and ring. Remember to communicate. Never go to
bed angry, even if you have to stay awake all night. You never want to lose your consciousness
with anger in your heart. You are a team and love is the language for any successful team. Love
is communication.